Novin Sepehr Sunnyar Company with the aim of supplying a part of raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical, detergents, cosmetic, and sanitary industries succeeded to establish close cooperation with the professionals and manufacturers of related industries and has dedicated a major share of domestic market imports to itself.

Why choose us?

  • Honesty, hard work and commitment to ethical principles
  • Creating the highest possible level of thoroughness, with wisdom and prudence in matters
  • Creating confidence and avoiding the abuse of the rights of customers, employees and shareholders
  • Promoting teamwork and individual effort of all employees to achieve more satisfaction from customers
  • Using fact-based ads
  • Training human resources with high-quality constantly
  • Using and developing competent, capable, creative, committed, responsive and faithful human resources to the ideals, goals and values of the company in order to create an prospective, learner, healthy, noble and graceful organization
  • Promoting culture and healthy and thriving organizational atmosphere by fostering an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect
  • Developing organizational and social understanding and cooperation