Novin Sepehr Sunnyar Company began its activities in Isfahan since 2009 by importing raw material for detergent food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This company with the aim of supplying raw materials for foods, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and detergent industries succeeded to establish close cooperation with the medical society, health professionals and manufacturers of related industries and has dedicated a major share of domestic market imports to itself.

Novin Sepehr Sunnyar Company by increasing expansion and development in the field of its activities, has been able to expand its activities in the production and customization of raw materials in the form of outsourcing in addition to imports. This company using international standards of management and customer care principals during its activity period by developing secure communication bridge between domestic industries and manufacturers. The governing attitude of customer care on the actions of this company from the very beginning has caused the increasing of customer satisfaction, service quality improvement, continuous innovation and creativity and healthy and principled competition with competitors be as one of the most important principles and values of the Novin Sepehr Sunnyar Company. Because the serving to the society and contributing to the growth and development of industry, as an index of growth and development of the country, always has been considered by managers and employees of this company.